2016 popular tool – Launch easydiag a tool instead Launch IDiag can works like launch x431 v+ pro3

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What is Launch easydiag 2.0?

Launch easydiag 2.0 is a small product design by Launch x431 company . it is a small bluetooth adapter . it is about $30-$50/set

it is without any diagnostic software . after you bought it , you should registered it in easydiag APP, then buy software in easydiag app .

it can diagnostic almost all cars in the world , FORD , GM AUDI , BMW , MERCEDES and so on .

every car brand software is $39.99 in the app store.

it is looks a amazing product , but actually , the launch company make a mistake!

because they develop the product use only one software .

some guy find the easydiag adapter can easily use the launch x431 pro3 software .

Launch x431 pro3 (V+) is the major diagnostic product from launch . the price is $1200-$1500

Launch X431 V+ PRO3 is a typical diagnostic device contributed by Launch to diagnostic industry concerning Internet application. You can use X431 V+ to diagnose full car model and full system fault through Bluetoooth. X431 V+ is Based on Bluetooth communication between DBSCar connector and Android Tablet.

it almost can diagnostic all cars in the world , and it is on android device .

some guys get the software of pro3 . then make some change , , they find it can works with easydiag adpater!

that means , you can buy a easydiag then make it works like x431 pro3 !…..

so it is the most popular tool on the market in 2016!

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