bmw scanner 1.4 connection error with EWS or IKE sulotion

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Here is the solution to the BMW PA Soft connecting problems. If you are getting the following errors on your screen ‘connection error with EWS’ & ‘connection error with IKE’.

This problem has hit thousands of users and is frustrating thousands more, not to mention the few thousand that are pissed off with the situation.

First look at the pictures below to see the error messages within the 1.4.0 software, you will probably recognise them if you are reading this.

OK so now we have seen the error messages you will get on the screen of your laptop associated with the 1.4.0 scanner & laptop software. The solution is to open the case of your black scanner box and you need to solder some pins together, specifically pins 7 & 8. This has brought lots of success to thousands of users, but at the same time there are a number of users who say it does not work. Try to solder pins 7 & 8 first, if that does not work then please read on. Here are some quick photos of where you need to solder 7 & 8 on the 1.4.0 PA soft BMW scanner.
OK. We hope that worked out for you. If you still have the connection error with ews & connection error with ike problem then you might need to take the box apart again and do some more soldering. This time try to bridge pins 1 & 2 together, because this has also been proven to help people get the 1.4.0 working again.

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