How to connect Xtool PS2 GDS Gasoline Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool

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This is a how-to guide of Xtool PS2 GDS Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool connection for obdii diagnosis for gasoline cars.

—-Xcar360 Automotive diagnostic tool , diagnostic software

Note: if you are not the Chinese, English, Spanish speaker, go for xtool ps2 gds update. The 16.21 version friendly add more language: German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Farsi.


The obd connector you need

The GDS VCI reader

Connect the OBD connector to the VCI

And fix them firmly

The connection diagram here

So connect to the OBD port on the car

The light on the VCI turns read

Then power on the Xtool PS2 scanner

Both lights on the scanner and VCI turns green

Finally, it’s ok to do diagnosis/ immobilizer, mileage adjustment/ TPS/ maintenance reset/ electronic park brake.

Note: Xtool PS2 GDS v16.21 can do more, such as Transmission, Steering angle,Tire pressure loss alarm (activated) and other common special functions.


Enjoy diagnosis!


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