Launch X431 V Err DiagnoseMain ID- -5 Fixed by Firmware Update

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This write-up about Launch X431 V diagnostic firmware update manual will help to solve the error: launch x431Err DiagnoseMain ID: -5.

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Launch x431 error message:

DiagnoseMain Err ID: -5

Failed to obtain firmware information.

Possible reasons:

1 Firmware does not work normally. Please retry after power off and on again

2 Firmware program is abnormal. Please update it

3 Firmware type is incorrect. Please contact the local dealer….



How to solve Launch x431 DiagnoseMain Err ID: -5:

(also How to update Launch x431 firmware)


Go to Menu
then Firmware Update



Launch x431 firmware update successfully.

Now the newest x431 firmware version is 11.49.


The x431 launch firmware update guide is for ORIGINAL Launch x431 scan tools at only.



Xcar360 Automotive diagnostic tool , diagnostic software

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